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I always had the zeal for learning English, to get an education, but I never got the opportunity to do so. All my friends around me had the privilege of being taught multiple different languages, and all I knew was my native language, Urdu. I started researching for a top-notch Online English language Arabic tutor that could teach me whilst being reasonable enough so I could afford it myself. Hold and behold, and I found one in Libya. An Arabic tutor that teaches English from Libya. That must sound unusual. Why didn't I just find someone from Pakistan? The answer to that is simple. They charge too much. I contacted the teacher as soon as I saw his advertisement on the internet. He was willing to teach me online thrice a week, and I took this opportunity and hired him. He used to teach Arabic in Libya, so his accent always caught my eye, but his English was phenomenal, and his teaching skills were unbelievable. If someone like me could understand what he was teaching, he must be pretty good at his job. One thing that always made me eager to learn from him was the interactive methods he used to make me understand the language better.


After two classes, I knew how to introduce myself, and so I did so to everyone I saw and talked to. My mother looked surprised and happy that I was becoming like other children. In my third class with him, he taught me basic sentence formation, vocabulary, nouns, etc. I saw a change in how I talked, conducted myself, and overall, my persona. Online learning can very well be a task for some people, but I prefer it over in-person classes, being the awkward social person I am. My Arabic teacher from Libya, who gave online English classes, not only taught me the basics of the language but some very important life lessons, for which I appreciated him even more. English had always been something I used to listen to other kids conversing with each other in, but I never anticipated that I would ever be one of those kids. I am so grateful that I found an astounding teacher.


My teacher was originally an Arabic tutor who gave me English lessons from Libya, and he had an accent, as I mentioned above, but along with that, during a few of our classes, he used to converse in Arabic with his family members that amazed me. The language sounded so pure and ancient, something I could never be able to understand, but it soothed my ears. Yes, I now had a newfound interest in Arabic. I thought to myself. If he could teach English so well, he could teach me Arabic too. I have not taken myself up over this idea yet, it's still in the thinking process, but I know I will. I live in Pakistan, and I am a Muslim. If I learned Arabic, I could very well understand Quran, which is our sacred book. His English was quite fluent, which was surprising at first, but then I researched over it, and people in Libya do know English quite well. Online English learning with an Arabic tutor who lives in Libya, if that can't be the most astonishing thing you have heard, then I don't know what is. Although English wasn't his first language, he knew all the difficult words and has even written a book in English.


A few weeks later, he took my test, and I scored very well in it. I felt a sense of achievement, a sense of belonging, and not an outcast. He also used to take names of things in English and ask me to draw them up so I could understand the visual art of English as well. The worst part for me was doing the comprehensions he would make me do, I would never be able to decode answers out of the passage into the question paper sheet, but he never gave up on me and knew I had the potential to do so.


Now, I study in an English Medium School, and the fact that I got in because I took online English learning classes from an Arabic tutor who lives in Libya still shook's my teachers up. He used to tell me interesting stories about Libya, that around 96% of people there are Arabic and Muslims reside there too. He told me all about the culture that Libya beholds, the traditional folk culture, the outfits people wear traditionally, the oil reserves they are known for, the most common food they eat, which is Aside, which is a dough ball, everything made me want to take a visit there and experience all that, and meet him; the person who made my life so different, who gave me a purpose.


The child who feared getting out of her comfort zone and trying something new, the child who couldn't face others because of the insecurity of seeming uneducated, the child who couldn't even write her name in English, is writing this essay, entirely in English, using difficult words and actually knowing its meaning, and now is willing to face anyone and talk to them like an educated person, who now herself speaks in English at different forums and tell her story to others who are at the verge of giving up. My teacher was not just some ordinary teacher for me. By learning Online English learning with an Arabic tutor who lives in Libya, I keep my head up high and never let anyone take advantage of me. Because of the person who gave me advice about countless life experiences that I would have, I became who I am. I can now travel the world and communicate with anyone, from any race, any country, any culture, because English unites us all into one. English holds no barriers of race, culture, ethnicity, the way it didn't between my teacher and me. The way it united him and me into not just student and teacher, but friends. To this day, he is my go-to person for advice and every difficulty I face, because he is not just a good English teacher, he is a good person, who made me a good person too.


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