I want to learn English

English learning can be fun and exciting nowadays because of the social media platforms and online learning trend that tends to grow every year. There was research which concluded with the result that more and more students want to learn online than traditional physical classrooms. In this article I will tell you exciting ways to learn English which not only will benefit you in your studies but in your personal life as well and you won’t need to write “I want to learn english” on Google. So the obvious Question which comes to mind is

Where do I start?

So ask yourself this question: Why do I want to learn english? Maybe you want to give an English proficiency test for studying abroad or maybe you just want to upgrade your English skills like Grammer, Vocabulary, Punctuation. There may be some other reason for you to learn english, but whatever the reason, the tips i am about to give you will really help you learn english quickly and easily.

  1. Read everything you can get Firsthand

    Nowadays everything is online and you really need to have good English skills to learn and understand it. So my advice to you is to read everything that you can get your hands on whether it may be a social media post like Facebook or Instagram or from other sources read as much as you can. It can be a novel which you always wanted to read but didn't have time for or it could be anything available whether online or offline and it is free to read. Read it. Now you would be wondering WHY? Because all of these contents will have juicy vocabulary in it which would be new to you as well as many words you already know. This will help you improve quickly as re-reading learned vocabulary will give you new examples in context and hence reinforcing those words in your mind.

  2. Actively note down new Vocabulary

    This tip is a classic one and for many good reasons and it Works as well! Say you are reading and you find a new word or phrase that you really like and you think forgetting it would be impossible but trust me not everything will stick at the beginning and you will eventually forget. So the solution would be to note down any word or phrase that you find beautiful. Keep a small notebook with you and note the words in it or you could use some online tool as well. And it will actually save your time as well because you don't have to search the meaning of that word again and again.

  3. Communicate with real humans

    Why were languages invented if not to communicate? Yes, nowadays we can communicate with each other without speaking- thanks to Whatsapp. But you need to speak as it helps it stick in your head more than reading and writing. Often you have heard people saying i want to learn english and can understand english but can’t speak because of the same reason they feel shy speaking or they feel that they will be embarrassed if they speak incorrectly. That is all wrong and try avoiding it as much as you can.

  4. Subscribe to Youtube Channels & Podcasts

    What are your interests like Cooking, Blogging, Humor, Politics. Like topics covering every interest imaginable there will always be an english-speaking podcast and Youtube channel so subscribe to a few of them. And the cool part is you can listen to them anywhere you like whenever you like wherever you like. You can listen to them while driving or while going to school or college. At first you will face difficulty understanding native speakers but if you stick to it everything will make sense.

    Here is a list of podcasts which will be useful:
    • Podcasts in english
    • Voice of America
    • 6 minute english
    • This American life
    • Global News
  5. Here is a list of Youtube channel that will be useful:

    • Bob The Canadian
    • Learn english with Mr. Duncan
    • BBC learn English
    • Linguamarina
    • Englishclass101

  6. Go Abroad

    What better way to learn English than being submerged at it while studying and living in an English speaking country. English is the most broadly spoken language in the world and there is no secret in that and there are there is a long list of countries to choose between like Australia, Canada, U.S.A, U.K, New Zealand and South Africa are few countries which you can select based on your ideal environment like weather or favourite city.

  7. Enroll in an Online Course

    You can find lots of online courses both free and premium to learn english. Courses can really help you in learning English because it is like a virtual classroom where you have classmates as well and you can always seek out help from them. In addition to that you also have a teacher tell them that i want to learn english and show them your curiosity.

    Here are a list of Online courses:
    • Master native english
    • Learn english Speaking
    • English Grammar
  8. Ask lots of Questions

    Curiosity might have killed the cat but it has helped language learners to become fluent. As you begin learning English you will soon collect tons and tons of questions about vocabulary and grammar. My advice to you is don't sit on your doubts, resolve them and be curious if you are taking an online course. Take help from your teachers and other classmates and tell them that I want to learn english and help me out. But if you are learning alone don't worry you will find answers in blogs or websites or read through forums.

  9. Listen to your favourite stars

    Spice up your learning by picking up an English actor or singer you like. Then head online and listen to their interviews and watch them all. Watch them again and again and note down any word that interests you.

  10. Stay strong when you are down

    You must remember your goal that i want to learn english and you must remember one thing "Winners never quit and quitter never win".


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