English Learning Online in Libya

English Learning Online in Libya :

Learning English online can be a tedious task and can become overwhelming at times, but don't worry I got you covered. This is the only article you will ever need to learn English online if you are in Libya.

  1. Amideast Online English For Adults

    America-MidEast Educational And Training Center can be a good resource to learn English online. It has wide range of courses on english language like

    • English Online for Adults
    • Conversation Online
    • English for specific sectors online
    • English for the workplace online
    • Test preparation online

    Depending on what your situation is or for what purposes you want to learn English, Amideast has everything for you. For example, if you want to crack an online job interview which will be in english you can take Conversation Online course which will help you boost your english conversation skill and really help you to land on your dream job. Ok, let's say you want to study abroad and most of the universities will ask you to show your english proficiency through a test like IELTS, TOEFL and you want to ace in that test which you cannot do without expert guidance well guess what Amideast has a course for you which will help you get good grades in that test. Test Preparation Online has everything you need to get good grades like the tips and tricks which are needed to crack a test and the don't and don't for a test. Like seriously if you want to get admission in that Big university or college you have to take this Test Preparation Online course. Ok, so you say I don't want to crack any exam nor do I want to give a job interview. I am just an adult who wants to learn English online so that I can confidently read and write English, so guess what Amideast has a course which perfectly suits your needs. English Online for Adults is a course which will help you develop english language skills. So what this course offers is that it will help you learn English through practise of four key skills which are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In addition, you will learn Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation through practical exercises that will really take your English skills to the next level. You will be joined by other classmates as well and it will be like a virtual classroom and you all will be learning English online. Let's say you are working abroad in a big company where you need to communicate with clients, stakeholders and you feel that your english is not that good or if your Boss comes to you and says that you really need to improve your communication skills so in that case what will you do? Well Amideast also has a course which will be really helpful and it is called English for the workplace online. English is an essential tool used by nearly all the businesses around the globe. This online course from Amideast will help you prepare to communicate confidently in business settings. How will it do that, through the exploration of global topics, by simulation of real-life workplace environments and exchanging views on different ideas with professionals. It will help you develop speaking and writing skills that are necessary for client exchange, meetings, presentations, email, phone calls and reports.

  2. British Council
  3. Second good resource for learning english online is the British Council. Their English courses are designed and delivered by highly qualified professionals and are proven to get good grades. There are millions of people out there who are busy in their jobs or day to day work and they don't have time to come and attend physical classes so keeping that in mind the British Council has created the world's largest english online resource to help free-spirited learners. Giving you access to a wide range of English learning online tools like learner forums, mobile apps, downloads, audio and video which will really help people from any background with any level of English to upgrade it to the next level.

    I will discuss 3 resources in this article which are:

    1. British Council's Digital Library.
    2. Websites.
    3. Apps.

    1. British Council's Digital Library:

      The British Council's Digital Library is loaded with tons of resources that you can use to improve your English language skills. Some of the resources of digital library are

      • Read a magazine or newspaper

        They have literally thousands of newspapers and magazines which you can read from the comfort of your home. They will really harness your English reading ability.

      • Watch Online

        You can watch online award winning documentaries. Movies and concerts.

      • Comics and graphic novels

        You can enjoy comics like Spiderman, X-Men and Avengers. So you are enjoying reading your favourite comics and also improving your english skills.

      • Ebooks and Audiobooks

        You can read and download thousands of ebooks and audiobooks of leading authors.

      • Academic Books

        Guess what you can also find books on academics as well like Computer & IT, Engineering, Fine Arts, History, Law, Medicine, Psychology.

    2. Websites :

      If you are an adult and what to learn english then they have a special Site for you Learn english for adults, which only focuses on adult learning. If you want to learn English for business communication for client and customer interaction then they have a specialized website for that purpose which is Learn English For Business. If you want your children of age 5 - 12 years to learn english then they have a website for this purpose as well Learn English For Kids. If you are a parent and want to improve your english speaking then they also have a website specially for you Learn English For Parents.

    3. Apps:

      If none of the above suits your personality then they have an app for you as well which has cool and exciting features to harness your english skills. They have games, podcasts, videos and quizzes that will help you learn English online.

      Their top three Apps are:

      1. Learn English Grammar.
      2. MyWordBook
      3. LearnEnglish Audio and Video.

      So that's it. These are the resources I have for you which you can use to learn English online.


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