English Language Learning in Libya


The term "online English learning" refers to the process of learning English online. Students may study Online English language learning from beginning to intermediate levels using written, auditory, and video courses. The benefits of studying English online outweigh the disadvantages of conventional classroom instruction. Students may work at their speed and return to activities and courses that they find challenging to develop their abilities steadily. For students, Online English language learning courses employ a variety of tactics, including review and reading practice and the usage of a variety of other valuable resources.

Foreign Language Programme:

During the 1960s and 1970s, Libya's English as a Foreign Language programme flourished, whereas the situation in the 1980s and 1990s was stagnant and deteriorating. Due to Government decision to cancel English as a topic in the junior and high school curricula, there was a period of stagnation in Libya. Teachers of English in Libya and throughout the globe are invited to express their thoughts on English language instruction in this publication. Research and at least fifteen years of teaching English to Libyan students of various language levels and at various colleges, institutions, and language centers have shaped these opinions.

Learning Strategies:

Materials for teaching listening, reading skills, grammar, raising students' awareness of their own learning strategies, and professional development of teachers are all addressed in this study, all of which are relevant to Online English language learning as a foreign language in Libya. "Self-studying" English looks like a paradox, doesn't it? Isn't language intended to be utilized with others? Well… yeah and no. It's great to work with other people while doing online English language learning, writing and speaking. Writing and speaking are characterized as "productive" talents because you are generating words. But the "receptive" English skills—listening and reading—can be self-studied quickly and efficiently online.

Libyan Ministry of Education:

The Libyan Ministry of Education has advised that instructors include technology in their English language instruction. It has been shown that Libyan instructors have a favorable attitude toward bringing technology into the classroom while teaching English to foreign students. CDs were the most often utilized sort of technology since they were readily accessible and were used widely throughout the curriculum. Within the city of Sabha, the research included eight male and 32 female secondary school instructors whose ages lie between 23 to 40, who worked in 7 public secondary schools and three private secondary schools. The professors' years of experience ranged from two to twenty-three years.


Using the internet for Online English language learning has several advantages. As a substantial benefit, students are able to dedicate more time to more challenging aspects of Online English language learning acquisition since they have a greater degree of control over their learning pace. Students may learn at their own speed rather than being constrained by the pace of a conventional classroom or being compelled to study at a pace that is over their abilities. It's also advantageous for students to focus on the areas of English they need the most help with while studying online. If you're learning English online, you may have extra time to work on your weak points in the language, which might include anything from vocabulary to writing.


There are several advantages to studying English online, but there are also a number of essential obstacles that students must overcome. Student growth is judged by how much progress they make at their own pace; consequently, students must be highly motivated and dedicated in order to achieve their goals and succeed. Furthermore, it is critical for students to maintain a good balance in their English studies. Writing and speaking English may be balanced by working equally on vocabulary, spelling, grammar, listening skills, and other aspects of the language's communication. This may be accomplished in a number of different ways.


Based on the empirical data presented in this study, it is shown that the communicative activities approach, particularly the communicative information gap technique, is a powerful and feasible alternative to traditional methods of teaching English-speaking abilities. Because of this, the researchers believe that this study will give some answers to language instructors in Libya who may be questioning whether the CLT strategy that the Libyan Ministry of Education chose to be implemented in Libyan classrooms is effective for Online English language learning. It is essential for all stakeholders who are interested in this issue, as well as those working in the field of EFL English education in Libya, to be aware of the findings of this study since they offer them ideas for language learning and teaching in the future. Therefore, it can be stated that introducing communicative activities based on CLT principles into the Libyan English language classroom may assist students in improving their oral communication skills and performance. In the opening, there was an interest that the Libyan community would not receive the notion of adopting communicative activities established in Western culture. However, the findings of this study rule out the predicted difficulty by determining that this was not the case in the Libyan classroom, at least within the context, scope, and limitations of this study. This is due to the fact that communicative exercises may help Libyan EFL students develop their English communication skills. In conclusion, it is necessary to include both the EFL student and the instructor in applying any methodology and its principles, given the importance of their roles in the learning process.


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