English speaking courses in Libya


English speaking courses in Libya:

Educational organizations in Libya are trying hard to improve the quality of research and teaching in Libya. This information age of technology has become an essential factor in learning English speaking courses online. In traditional classrooms, there is no other way of communication between teacher and student in which the teacher is in charge of the whole system while the students learn. But, technological devices have made a significant difference in this global village that global shifting variations have appeared. Parallel to learning growth, technologies and teaching have exchanged social-based approaches for teaching and learning. Bester and Brand argue that technology cannot displace teachers. Yet, it will promote learning English speaking courses online and education and can be combined into lectures to maximize and enhance knowledge. Language learning and teaching have turned towards mobilization and personalization all across the world.

English Courses online:

The English speaking courses online are a fast and enjoyable way to learn a new language. Many available systems on the internet provide speaking courses. These courses give excellent results as well, as they ensure that the students are enjoying the classes. They have trained teachers who make sure the lecture is delivered correctly, and they will help you speak English soon and frequently. Students and teachers interact via emails, chatrooms, teleconferencing, video conferencing, and bulletin board. These are aimed to develop the student's ability to speak, understand, read and write in English. All these online institutes provide a particular focus on spoken English, top-notch teachers, flexibility, and great value for money.

Offerings of Courses:

English speaking courses are available for beginner to advance level and the teachers have experience in English speaking. Each exercise is customized to satisfy your individual needs and enable you to make progress much more quickly. Focusing on developing writing, speaking, listening, and reading abilities, lessons will cover various topics from work, family, culture, and leisure. Grammar bases will be so well covered that the students will not hesitate to converse freely about past, present, and future. These English speaking courses online are proper for secondary school students, college and university students, and students who need help in their language studies. They are highly productive and enjoyable.

6 Levels of English Speaking Courses Online:

These English speaking courses online are divided into six levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages. English Starter Course (A01):
English starter course consists of two parts of 50 hours each course, Starter 1 and 2. You will work with students like you and exchange communications skills. Students will learn:

  • It consists of basic phrases concerning you, your family, and concrete surroundings.
  • Words that help you describe where you live and people you know.
  • Form filling and writing short messages.

Elementary English (A01 and A02):
This general English elementary course consists of two parts of Elementary 1 and 2 with 120 credit hours. It is best for you if you have completed the starter English course. It will help you learn:
  • Understand vocabulary and phrases related to real-life in short, clear, and simple texts.
  • Find short and simple texts and find predictable information in simple.
  • Communicate in daily life with daily life phrases and direct exchange of everyday life phrases.
Pre Intermediate English:

Pre Intermediate B1 level consists of two parts of 120 hours (Pre Intermediate 1 and 2) and 60 hours each. These are best for those with the previous language learning experience and who had already completed the elementary courses.

  • Understand important points of standard speech on the familiar topic in leisure, work, and school.
  • Give evidence for plans and opinions.
  • Describe the plot of the book and your view on it.
  • Writing personal letters.
Intermediate English:

This Intermediate English course consists of 120 hours and is divided into two fragments of Intermediate 1 and 2. It is beneficial for those who have previous experience in English and have completed a Pre-intermediate course. This course will help learners to:

  • Understand the principal points of clear regulation speech on everyday matters faced in work, leisure, and school.
  • Enables to understand main issues of radio and tv programs on current affairs or matters of professional and personal interests.
  • Understand texts consisting of high frequency or job-related language.
  • It helps to deal with situations like traveling when you need to ask general questions like name, place, hobbies, etc.
  • Connect daily phrases to describe ambitions, events, hopes, and experiences.
  • It helps to learn Letter writing that describes personal experiences and impressions.

This B2 level, of course, consists of a 120 hour General Course, divided into two (Upper Intermediate 1 and 2) and is for those who have a good grasp of English. This course will help learners to:

  • Understanding extended lectures and speeches and following complex lines produced the topic is reasonably confidential.
  • Read reports and articles concerned with modern problems and modern literary prose.
  • Take an influential part in discussion in informal contexts, exposing your aspects.
  • Present precise, detailed information on a broad range of topics associated with your field of interest. Explain a perspective on a local issue, providing the benefits and limitations of different options.
Advance English:

These C1 level courses prepare students for life in English. The levels can be divided into two parts. Advance 1 and 2, and each is 60 hours long. Grammar and vocabulary are stressed, and there is a strong focus on listening and speaking in social situations. On successful completion of this Advance English course, students can:

  • Speak with native English speakers confidently, fluently, flexibly, and spontaneously in social situations.
  • Understand, write and read, well-mannered text on complex subjects

British Council:

British Council is an institution that provides English speaking courses online. They help to improve the English language through assessments, assignments, and quizzes all across Libya. They will support learning by different media like online learning tools, mobile apps, online courses, downloads, audio, and videos.

Amideast Online Learning Libya:

This online institution will help you learn English speaking courses online and develop speaking, listening, writing, and speaking skills. They will work on your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation as well. You will interact with your classmates in a virtual classroom.